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The roof of a house or a building is typically made with asphalt, metal or slate shingles or panels. However, there are many other types of roofing material like cedar shake or even green rooves made with solar panels or rooftop gardens. While the sky can seem like the limit when it comes to rooves - the limit for most people will be what their region's roofers offer locally in terms of materials and what their budget can afford.

Montreal is home to both slaters, metal-roofers and asphault-shingle roofers, each with varying degrees of experience and expertise. And while metal roofing is almost always going to be twice the price of ashphault shingles, metal roofs typically come with a lifetime guarantee and have none of the ventilation problems that can come with asphalt shingle roofs.

When it comes to your roof there is certainly lots to think about. Let take some of the pressure off you and your home by providing a list of roofing contractors in the Montreal area. Discover the specializations of each and get the roofing conversation started..or at least the quotes.

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