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Are you tired of shopping at big name brand grocery stores? Are you looking for a change in your eating habits? Like all of us, you are likely trying to do a little better in your day to day life and are maybe even interested in supporting the local economy. Why not explore some of Montreal's markets and local food providers? Most of the time, small scale grocery stores have cheaper and fresher products and if they're closer to your home or your workplace even better.

Montreal is also home to a number of additional food services like specialty caterers and food distributors. If you're opening a restaurant you may want to consult the list below for local food distributors. Similarly, if you're hosting an event, you should check to see if there is a caterer that interests you below. Browse's selection of markets, specialty grocery stores, artisanal food providers, delis, bakers, caterers and food providers! When it comes to Montreal's food services, we've got a list that can help you in your search.

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