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When you're building a new home you need to pour the foundation first. If you're The City of Montreal and you need to recreate the water lines and sewer inlets around the city, you're going to need to dig. Whether it's a residential or commercial project that needs digging, you should definitely hire an excavation specialist.

Excavation requires large machinery and equipment and it also involves skills and knowledge. Even if you rented a bulldozer or backhoe, you can't just go and dig up the soil. You could hit a water line or even worse, an electrical line and seriously injure yourself or at least cut-off essential services to your neighborhood. Don't take any chances with major excavation projects, consult the professionals listed on the Montreal directory today. We have a large list of excavation specialists practicing in Montreal. We'll tell you where their office is, how to contact them and we'll even direct you to their website if they have one.

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