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The best season in Montreal is definitely the summer, or at least most would argue that. With the warm weather returning, Montrealers are looking forward to spend time on terraces and on their boat as well! Montreal waterfronts are hotspots of activity for boating enthusiasts far and wide. If you own a boat you're likely already thinking about who can insure it, who can offer you maintenance services, where you can fuel it and of course the marine that you want to park it in. In the winter boat owners may also be looking for a place to store their boat.

If you don't own a boat but you would like to, you need to find a boat vendor. You'll have to find a business that sells boats and then you will have to look for all of the related services that existing boat owners have to think about as well.

Whether you own a boat or are looking to buy one, you can find everything boat related in Montreal on the Anugo directory. If you got a great deal on a boat at one of the local boating businesses featured below, feel free to leave a review on their business profile! Long live Montreal's boating culture!

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