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Raphaël Bernier is a psychic and a Reiki Master who offers his services in the Quebec City area. For several years already, he has been very attracted by all that is spiritual and has cared for the people of his surroundings with Reiki energy and Purple Flame.

He offers various services, such as:

Initiations to the Violet Flame

  • Transformation from negative to positive

Introduction to Lightarian Reiki

  • Rebalances emotions and brings peace
  • Very relaxing, soothing and stress-relieving treatment
  • Stimulates the body's natural self-healing
  • Amplifies all the positive effects of traditional medicines and treatments
  • Relieves physical pain
  • Animals are receptive and can be treated
  • Is safe, only brings welfare
  • Is very useful in the treatment of mental illnesses, mourning, post-traumatic shock, anxiety by bringing peace, love
  • Increases the efficiency of the immune system
  • Aligns body, soul and spirit

Consultation in mediumship (spiritual guidance)

  • Answer your questions about your life, about your projects,
  • Getting to know you better (who you really are),
  • Obtain some energetics liberations during the private channeling,
  • Obtain important information to help you in your healing process (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, past wounds)

To learn more about his services or to make an appointment, contact Raphael Bernier now.

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